AWS re:Invent So Far

Another year, another AWS re:Invent filled with great keynotes, sessions, and people. We are excited for the newest products announced so far. John Rucker, our Account Manager, was impressed with what the event had to offer.

“It’s super exciting to see all of these technologies under one roof…all striving for the common goal of making AWS pack the punch it’s meant to have! The typical strip energy doesn’t compare to the thousands of hungry cloud enthusiasts, engineers, and executives that are here to party!”

All product updates and releases focused on helping partners become familiar with the newest technologies AWS has to offer.

The Global Partner Keynote featured:

  • Terry Wise, Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels, AWS
  • Pebbles Sy-Manalang, CIO, Globe Telecom
  • Ramin Sayar, President & CEO, Sumo Logic
  • Brad Jackson, CEO, Slalom
  • Bernd Heinemann, Board Member, Allianz Germany


  • New container products in AWS market – You can now find and buy more than 180 curated and trusted container products in AWS marketplace and through the Amazon Elastic Container Services console.
  • AWS IoT service delivery program – Helps customers identify and choose top APN Partners with a track record of delivering specific AWS services to customers.
  • Amazon S3 object lock in all AWS regions – A new feature that blocks object version deletion during a customer-defined retention period so retention policies can be enforced as an added later of data protection or for regulatory compliance.
  • Introduced Firecracker – A new virtualization technology and open source project for running multiple-tenant container workloads.Firecracker enables service owners to operate secure multi-tenant container-based services by combining the speed, resource efficiency, and performance enabled by containers with the security and isolation offered by traditional VMs.
  • AWS transfer for SFTP – A fully manageable SFTP for Amazon S3 that enables you to easily move your file transfer workloads that use the Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol to AWS without needing to modify your applications or manage any SFTP servers.

We are excited to hear what AWS will announce in the next few days, check back with us for updated highlights from re:Invent.

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