DevOps Workshop | Friday, May 4th at 10 a.m.

Presentations by:

Gerald Kleyn

Senior Director for HP Enterprise

Gerald Kleyn leads the product management, operations and research and development engineering teams that deliver the Edgeline and Moonshot systems at HP Enterprise. He works with teams to provide customers with industry leading solutions in Industrial IoT, Mobile Workspaces, Big Data, HPC and Media Processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) techniques are enabling super-human analytics capabilities in the datacenter. However, as exponentially more cameras and other sensors are constantly collecting “heavy” data, processing them locally at the Edge is increasingly important. Join us to find out how Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Edgeline systems enable AI at the Edge, and create a continuum back to AI in the Datacenter to build a true Edge-to-Core ecosystem. Join this discussion to learn about AI at the edge.

Eric Fouarge

Director of Engineering, Root Level Tech

Eric Fouarge leads the engineering team at Root Level Technology. He is an expert at solving the challenging problems that large-scale distributed application delivery and design can create. Eric is a passionate DevOps architect that is always pushing the envelope on emerging technologies.

Adopting the ethos of a DevOps culture is a large organizational change,   Eric will walk you through the reality of what it really means and the stumbling blocks that are going to ensue.   Pulling from past experiences, industry stats, and overall direction of application development and delivery we’ll show the trends and the payoffs of the DevOps culture investment.

This is a free event and lunch is on us! We have a 20 person max, seats will fill up quick!


Data Foundry Address – 660 Greens Pkwy.  Houston, Tx 77067

  • You will need a government-issued I.D. to enter the facility
  • Must register to be added to security clearance list
  • At the gate let security know you’re there for Root Level Technology’s Event
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