Google Next ’19 Recap

Root Level Technology has been a Google Partner for about eight months now, and we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting members of the Google team. While attending Google Next, RLT learned about all of the new Google features, met with our Google Partner Managers as well as the clients we will be working for. We feel extremely privileged to be directly introduced to Google’s clients for the required professional services work and make it our mission to get a meeting of the minds in place!

This year’s Google Next has been the biggest to date with 30,000+ attendees, 500+ sessions, and 400+ customer speakers.  John Rucker (Enterprise Account Executive), Eric Fouarge, (CTO), and Eric Sengbusch (CEO) represented RLT at the conference this year. They were able to attend multiple sessions including Salesforce and Google: “Focus on your customers” and Make IT With G Suite: Reimagining How Businesses Work. “I walked away with a better understanding of Google’s plans to gain more G Suite adoption in the oil and gas sector.” – Eric Sengbusch

Transitioning to G Suite in 100 Days
Make It With G Suite: Reimagining How Businesses Work at Google Next ’19

We heard from many industries on the interesting ways they are using Google Cloud by building new apps and moving legacy servers to the cloud. They all have the same goal of serving users better and faster.

Top Announcements

  • Introduction of Anthos. Google is making hybrid cloud a reality. Anthos is an entirely new platform for managing applications in today’s multi-cloud world. It will act like Kubernetes does for container orchestration for multi-cloud enablement.
  • Announcement of Cloud Run. A new serverless computing platform that will make serverless adoption much easier and crush the learning curve.  
Google Next 2019 Conference
Google Next ’19 Conference

Partner Summit Keynote

Google announced the expansion of their partner specializations. They have now created more ways to help partners differentiate themselves to their customers in the marketplace. As a Google Cloud Partner, we are trained to follow their ASSESS, PLAN, MIGRATE, OPTIMIZE project structure. We were excited to hear more about the project on-boarding practices Google has been evangelizing first-hand through client use cases.  

Overall Experience

“By the way, the Google Next conference app is next level! I have been to a few conferences in my time and this app is perfect for scheduling the talks you plan to attend. It holds my conference schedule, and allows me to see where I have availability to take calls clearly throughout the day.” – Eric Sengbusch

Our team thoroughly enjoyed attending Google Next ‘19, and they walked away with a better understanding of Google’s Strategy this year along with how to better serve our Google clients. After our growth in 2018, we are excited to see what 2019 has in store for us as a Google Cloud Partner.

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