Google Next Day 2 (4/10)

Just like Day 1, Day 2 was a jam-packed day for our Root Level Tech team! Google once again had multiple announcements, Eric Sengbusch attended Make It With G Suite, and Gwen Stefani was in the house, among other exciting events.

Some of Google’s top announcements yesterday were:

  • BigQuery Business Intelligence Engine. Currently in beta, an in-memory analysis service that lets you visualize and interact with large or complex data almost immediately.  
  • Google Voice for G Suite. Google has now entered the VOIP arena. With this cloud telephony service, you get a phone number that works from anywhere, on any device. Voice can be deployed instantly and globally from anywhere with less administrative work.
  • Cloud Security Command Center. A comprehensive security management and data-risk platform for GCP that includes new threat prevention, detection, and response services.  

“Google continues to amaze me as a technologistic. With the announcement of managed SQL Server, and Active Directory they are more poised to meet the enterprise customer where they are at on their cloud journey than ever before.” — Eric Fouarge

RLT’s CEO, Eric Sengbusch, really enjoyed attending Make IT With G Suite: Reimagining How Businesses Work. G Suite focused on collaboration and continues to make improvements with this in mind.  

  • Hangouts Chats re-launched last year, opening up the beta in 2019. The goal was to minimize the noise coming from multiple platforms.
  • Google + is now being utilized more by businesses and, with this in mind, Google shut down the consumer version last week.  They will be renaming Google+ to Currents.
  • G Suite is committed to coexist with Microsoft Office. You will be able to open Office docs, edit them in Google and save back as a Microsoft Office doc.  
  • They have upped their security features as well. Security collaboration is now available in security centers so that sys admins can assist and handoff issues as a group.  

Google constantly invests in making applications that are simple to use, keeping collaboration always in the forefront. Data breaches have been reduced by 95% and customers are seeing a 1.5% increase in revenue. If your organization is not already utilizing G Suite, you will want to look into transitioning today. Enterprises who have switched have been able to reimagine how their organization works by powering teams to be faster, smarter, and more collaborative than ever before!

On a fun note, the RLT team attended Downtown Next (DTNXT), a festival of food, drinks, and music! Gwen Stefani made an appearance and everyone had a wonderful time. We can’t wait to see what Google has in store for us during Day 3!  

RLT Representatives at Google Next
John and Eric Fouarge attending Downtown Next (DTNXT)

“During this week we have made solid connections for our current clients and upcoming partners to better enable and support your cloud journey. Keep an eye on our blog and social over the coming weeks with some large announcements!” — Eric Fouarge

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