KubeCon Warm Up

We’re excited to hear KubeCon + CloudNativeCo has in store for us. As we warm up for the event, people were welcomed with an amazing kick-off of lightning talks from some great people!


KubeCon Lightning Talk Highlights

Jun Sakata, Software Engineer, Infrastructure, Ubie, Inc. – An Introduction to GitOps Deployment to Kubernetes (PDF)

Tim Hockin, Principal Software Engineer, Google – CRDs Aren’t Just For Addons (PDF)

Elena Morozova, Software engineer, Weaveworks – Labels in Prometheus Alerts (PDF)

Mike Arpaia, Co-Founder & CTO, Kolide – Behind the Scenes: Kubernetes Release Notes Tips & Tricks (PDF)

Jonathan Perry, CEO / Co-Founder, Flowmill – Monitoring Kubernetes with eBPF and Prometheus (PDF)

Marko Mudrinić, Software Developer, Loodse – Spawning Kubernetes In CI For Integration Tests (PDF)

Stanley Cheung, Senior Software Engineer, Google – Connect From Browsers Using GRPC Web (PDF)

Kendall Miller, COO, ReactiveOps – Future Of Humans In A World Of Automation (PDF)

J Evans, Infrastructure Engineer, Strava – PID Autoscaling Strava’s Linkerd Service Mesh Using Prometheus Data (PDF)

Liz Frost, Software Engineer, Heptio – You Got Database In My Cloud (Short Version) (PDF)

We have our Staff Cloud Architect, Braden Wright, representing Root Level Technology at KubeCon.

“I like looking into the level of the talk. I’m not talking beginner level. Some of the intermediate talks go into depth but, I mainly attend advanced topics,” says Braden. “As for tomorrow, a few topics and talks jump out at me. I’m interested in chasing down multi-cloud, HA clusters; DBaaS, serverless (Knative); data science (AI/GPU/KubeFlow).”

Check back with us for updates from KubeCon in the next few days!

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