Service Level Agreement


This agreement covers WALT Labs’ managed services support levels, maintenance periods and notices from the support team. Our services are all 24×7 and are broken out into two packages, Standard & Premium.

Support Process

  • Tickets must be submitted through our support portal to follow our SLA either detailed here or a customized SLA listed on your contract.
  • Responses will be made through the support portal on your submitted ticket and tickets are answered based on priority as well as in the order received.
  • Video conferencing may be possible at WALT Labs’ discretion but a client cannot request this and be guaranteed to have a video conference.

Support Packages


  • Reactive monitoring and support
    • WALT Labs will only assist a customer when a ticket is entered by the customer
  • Guidance will be provided by WALT Labs for a customer request, but WALT Labs cannot perform changes or actions to a customer environment. For that type of request customer will need to upgrade to premium.


  • Proactive system & application monitoring and support
    • WALT Labs will assist customer when pre-configured monitoring systems alert WALT Labs support team
    • WALT Labs will assist customer when a ticket is entered by the customer
  • Architectural reviews and deployment planning discussions are included
  • WALT Labs will perform necessary changes/fixes to a customer environment to resolve a problem or a request made via a ticket.
    • Access must be provided by the customer to be able to perform changes

Response Time

Unless stated otherwise on a customer contract, the support response time is 30 minutes from the moment a ticket is entered into our support portal. We aim to resolve most issues within the same timeframe but typically our maximum resolution could be up to 4 hours depending on the type of issue.

Maintenance Windows

Currently WALT Labs operates within the specific maintenance windows show below:

  • For US Clients: 6-7am UTC
  • For EU Clients: 1-2am UTC




Last Edit: Fri 9th July 2021