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Google Next Day 2 (4/10)


Google Next Day 1 (4/9)


How Much Does G Suite Cost? The Google Cloud Productivity Suite

Your G Suite costs depend primarily on how many team members you have and your cloud computing needs. Check out our full cost breakdown here.

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How has this week of social distancing been for you? I can say that this week has been just like any other for our team, just with a slightly different …

Due to the steadfast pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, more employees are finding themselves working remotely from home, until further notice. Remote work can be intimidating for individuals that aren’t used …

Just like Day 1, Day 2 was a jam-packed day for our Root Level Tech team! Google once again had multiple announcements, Eric Sengbusch attended Make It With G Suite, …

Day 1 was focused on announcements from Google on a number of new innovations along with the Partner Summit Keynote. Eric Fouarge, Eric Sengbusch, and John Rucker started their day …