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Bennie Health – GCP Data Warehouse PoC

WALT Labs worked with Bennie to review their existing GCP infrastructure and provide technical recommendations on scaling, security, and choosing the optimal solution for building a data pipeline using Postgres CloudSQL, Datastream, BigQuery, and Looker.

The challenge

Bennie is currently using Postgres CloudSQL. They want to build a data pipeline in GCP to do analytics, reporting, and data visualization. They wanted to build a Data Lake on the best solution using Postgres CloudSQL, Datastream, and BigQuery which is cost-efficient and performance efficient.

The solution

WALT Labs identified and built an architecture plan for the Data Pipeline in GCP. Using Terraform to automate creation and configuration of the Data Pipeline. Furthermore, recommendations were provided on how to improve and manage the Data Pipeline as the business continues to scale and expand on use cases.

The results

Deploying via Terraform, the recommended Data Pipeline in GCP
using Postgres CloudSQL, Datastream, and BigQuery has unlocked
the capability to use advanced Data Analytics and reporting.
Leveraging best practices around Datastream and creating datasets in
BigQuery granted the ability to analyze and visualize the data in
Looker Studio.

Using the recommended and newly built pipeline in
GCP using CloudSQL, Datastream, and BigQuery will
improve their performance in data and as well reduce
cost. Leveraging best practices around Datastream
and creating datasets in BigQuery improves the
performance and stability of the current environment.

About Bennie Health, Inc
Bennies come from top benefits firms, technology
startups, and insurance carriers to help
companies create a healthier workplace.
Industry: Healthcare & Life Sciences
Primary project location: United States


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